Slides & Shawl Pins

Gita Maria Slides and Scarf PinsSo many shapes & options, from simple circles & oval shape slides. Along with dogs & cats shawl pins. We have designed Leafs & Dragonfly shapes as well. Many of our slides come embellished or plain. Pair up with all our Silk Scarfs, Bandana Scarf, & Lariats.

How To Use Slides: These transparent enameled silver Slides connect two sides of Silk Scarfs, Lariats & Lace knits together very lovely! No need for bulky unflattering knots to keep your scarf in place. Simple pull one end of your scarf into the back side opening, then carefully add the other side of the scarf into the back bar on the Slide. If you have a very thin scarf or one of our Lariats, and the bar is not full of fabric after both ends are tucked in, slide the Slide, up a little higher then you would wear it,  take both sides of the scarf,do a fold over knot, slide the Slide on top, so the knot is behind the slide like a speed bump, holding it in place. Team up a Slide with our Lariats & Silk Scarfs (as seen in the photo) Great Easy Pretty Dress Up!