Mulit Color Bandana Knit Scarf

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  • $ 120

This original pattern scarf designed by Gita Maria, comes in 2 prices, $120 & $210 (this has gold & silver fibers added) These lovely scarfs add sizzle & color to your wardrobe. It quickly dresses up  tee shirts, or adorns evening wear.  Super to travel with, excellent for Cruse Ship vacations, performing artists, & speakers. It's light weight, colorful, & knit in a long stretched out triangle shape. The scarf is made with a combination of multi color rayon fabrics, knit together. The drape is soft & shimmering. This scarf is fun & easy to wear. Everyone is different, photos of colors are samples of what might be used & dyed for your order. Each one is hand knit in Missouri, USA. Add one of our lovely scarf pins to pin it together for more ways to wear it.